Fr. Jacques Philippe

Fr. Jacques Philippe

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Obedience to Inspiration

Moreover, one small act of obedience to God can sometimes cause us to make more progress spiritually than years of effort according to our own plans. Fidelity to small graces draws down bigger ones.
- In the School of the Holy Spirit, p.59

Mary is our mother in the order of grace. As such, she hands on to us the fullness of grace that is hers. And I think that of all the gifts that Mary grants to those who recognize themselves as her children, and who “take her into their own homes” following the example of the beloved disciple St. John, the most precious is a share in her total availability to grace, her capacity to let herself be led by the Holy Spirit without resisting. Mary passes on to us her humility, her trust in God, her total self-giving to God’s will, her silence, and her inner listening to the Spirit.
In the School of the Holy Spirit, p.66

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