Fr. Jacques Philippe

Fr. Jacques Philippe

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Love travels along two paths that are inseparable in the end: love of God and love of neighbor. But as this text suggests, there is another aspect of charity—love of one’s self. (“You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”) This self-love is good and necessary, not egoism that refers everything to “me,” but the grace to live in peace with one’s self, content to be what one is, with one’s talents and limitations.
Called to Life, p.69

Love is often stifled by discouragement or despair, and only healthy hope in God gives the courage needed to persevere in love.
Called to Life, p.70

The core of one’s personality, the ground of that intimate security everyone needs, resides upon the dual certainty of being loved and being able to love.
Called to Life, p.72

The right measure of love for God is to love him without measure. And in thus losing ourselves, we find ourselves.
Called to Life, p.103

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